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11 Awesome Gifts for Dad That You’ve Never Thought of Before

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Father’s Day, Christmas, and birthdays often come with a struggle to find the best gifts for your dad. There are some awesome gifts out there which you’ve never thought of before, here we will share those great ideas with you!

Books, DVDs, a snazzy new razor, or a new tie can be nice gifts for dad but you don’t want just a nice gift. You want an awesome gift! Surprise him with something you (or he), would never have thought of before!

Over $13 billion is estimated to be spent on Father’s Day gifts, showing that we do love to splurge on our dad’s, and so we should! Here are 11 gifts which he is sure to love, and will be a totally different gift this year.

1. Beard Oil

The upkeep of facial hair is important for any father. Keeping a well-groomed beard is a sure way to maintain manliness and look great. Beard oil is a unique gift which can strengthen and soften beard hair while also making the skin underneath feel smooth and silky. You can buy it with or without a scent, whichever you think your dad will prefer.

2. Personalized Distillery Growler Set

Making anything personal for your father is a wonderful idea, it shows you’ve really thought about the gift. Is your dad a fan of whiskey? If so, the ultimate gift is a personalized distillery growler set. You can drink whiskey with him, or he can invite his friends over and they can sit around and enjoy their whiskey together from this great gift.

3. NFL Team Rugs

While a great gift for dad may be a ticket to an NFL match, that’s not always easy, and your bank balance many not allow it. If he is an avid fan of any NFL team, a great alternative is to buy him some team memorabilia and accessories for the home, to show his adoration to anyone who comes over. NFL team rugs not only show support for his favorite team but also are a great accompaniment to any room.

4. Poker Table Top

Is your dad a poker fan? Buying a whole poker table is not only expensive but also difficult unless your dad has a huge man cave to fit it in. What is the solution to this? A poker table top of course! With built-in drink holders, it’s a perfect top for any card game and a great gift for dad!

5. Bear Arm Wrestling T-Shirt

Alright, a T-Shirt’s may seem like a dull choice. But, we’re not talking about some boring, one color, regular T-Shirt you can pick up in any store. We are talking about a T-Shirt to empower your father to feel manly and strong, to show off in front of all of his friends.

By this, I mean, a T-Shirt of a man arm wrestling a bear. He can regale his friends with the story of the time when he stumbled across a bear in the woods and got his friend to draw it onto a T-Shirt. I guarantee it’s a gift you’ve never thought of before.

6. Beer O’Clock Clock

No, that isn’t a typo error from having too many beers. We’re talking about a ‘Beer O’Clock’ Clock.  The old saying, ‘It’s 12 O’Clock somewhere’ is true, and if it’s true, it means that anytime is Beer O’Clock. Now your dad can look at the time and realize, yes, it’s Beer O’Clock. He can finish his hard work for the day and go and grab a nice, well-deserved cold beer.

7. Pillow Punching Shark

If you’re shopping for homeware and accessories, in most stores you will find a common theme of patterns: flowers, pastel and bright colors, hearts and swirly designs. Some may call them more feminine but this depends on your taste. For a man cave or a manly home, you need some more manly accessories. You want pillows of men, doing manly things, not flowers. How about a pillow of a man punching a shark? Comfy and masculine.

8. Dartboard

Does your dad enjoy a game of darts now and again? Or, perhaps he’s never really tried it? Well, now he can with an at-home dartboard. It even comes with a scoreboard so he and his friends can find out who is the best. Of course, it’ll be your dad because he can practice when they aren’t there. Unless his friends have super cool children too, who also bought dartboards as gifts for their dad.

9. Portable Beer Pong Table

For many of us, beer pong is a game that reminds us of our student days. A true drinking game that never goes out of fashion, no matter how old you are. For the fun beer-drinking fathers out there, a portable beer pong table is an ideal gift for dad. Being portable means he can bring it to his friend’s houses, as well as using it in his own man cave, double win.

10. Pool Table

If your dad is an avid pool fan, then a pool table really is a unique and wonderful gift. Of course, you’ll need to spend a bit of money to get a decent one, but if you have the money and a suitable room, it’s a great gift for dad. What’s more, there are tons of accessories you can buy to make his pool table even more special! (Read below to see what I mean).

11. Luck of The Irish Pool Balls

The standard colored pool balls are great. But, you don’t want great, you want epic. The Irish are known for their luck in life, hence the term ‘Luck of The Irish.’  So, why not invest in Luck of the Irish Pool Balls? A sure way to ensure your dad wins all of his games with Irish luck. A truly unique gift for dad, making his pool table that little bit more exciting!

For more outstandingly fun and unique gifts for dad, check out Man Cave Ideas. You can find an array of gifts for men which will be sure to put a smile on his face and help to create his very own Man Cave.

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