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5 features to consider when personalizing your Man Cave

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Let’s admit it - even as children we didn’t care to share our stuff. Some of us even put our name on things to avoid them from being taken by our playmates. Luckily for all of us this is now an accepted and even celebrated practice! They call it adding your own personal touch which is a lot more politically correct than “It’s mine, not yours”.

Your sanctuary should reflect your personal style through pieces that make it feel welcoming to you and your guests. Accomplishing this can be done through unique furniture, artwork or accessories. In the 70’s and 80’s, the man cave was any space (garage, unfinished basement) that your father could carve out with an old lounger and a door that he could lock. Today it can still be in those spaces, but it doesn’t have to look like a hodge podge of miscellaneous items. It can have class and be the best-looking room in the house.

Feature #1 ~ Customized MirrorsMancave_mirrors

One of our favorite ways to add a personal touch is through mirrors. Not only does it give you a place to check your hair out regularly as if you were Fonzie from Happy Days, but it also makes your space feel larger. The reflection of light will give more depth to your room.


Feature #2 ~ Signage

mancaeideas_personalized_whiskey_signAdding a unique sign can tell a story to your guests the moment they walk in the door or down the stairs. It could be a funny saying or a family motto. Whiskey barrels, for example, have increased in popularity as the wood details add an element of warmth to the space without breaking the bank.

Feature #3 ~ Glassware

Glass rhymes with class and this option is endless.

Feature #4 ~ Accessories

mancaveideas_celphone_flaskHave fun with your accessories! It is the little details that personalize your space that will make friends and family envy our style. Why be normal when you can be unique? Take our cell phone flask for instance, what better way to smuggle your favorite hooch into that concert?

Feature #5 ~ Remember it is all about you!

At the end of the day your space should be all about your likes, loves and interests. It doesn’t have to match a magazine ad or resemble a storage room. Your preferences are all that matters but I hope we were able to provide some classy and unique items to your wish list.


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