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5 Style Tips for Busy Working Dads

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Before becoming a father, it can be impossible to grasp the extent to which life can change with one little adorable addition to it. Being a dad brings along many responsibilities and those, combined with the effort put into maintaining a good relationship and staying on top of your career path, can often leave little time for anything else. The first to suffer from this lack of time is most often your style, but it really shouldn’t be so.

The way you look and present yourself to the world has a big impact on how you are perceived and ultimately on how you feel and behave. You might already know that, but the time you have is limited, so you make sacrifices. But being stylish doesn’t have to be a time-consuming thing; if you follow these five simple tips, you’ll be on top of everything and looking stylish with time to spare.

Find your style

If you want to look good, think about your style. Mindlessly following fashion fads will get you nowhere. You know who you are, so think about the clothes that will reflect that and show you in the best and truest light.

If you already have a defined style, good for you! If you are still searching, find inspiration everywhere. Take a look at what men are wearing, browse the internet, and find a style you will be comfortable with. Show off your personality by finding manly clothing that will suit you and boost your confidence. Once you find your style, the thought of getting dressed every morning will help you get out of bed.

Start with the basics


So now you know your style, but you still have to build your wardrobe. The best way to go about doing that is to start with the basics. You need pieces in your wardrobe that work well together and can easily be dressed up or down depending on what you need, and let’s be honest, your wife won’t give you too much wardrobe real estate, so you have to choose carefully. Having a good t-shirt and a good pair of jeans or pants will make a great start for any stylish outfit. You start with basic pieces and dress them down with a nice sweater or up with a blazer.

Make an investment

Most days you can style your basics and look and feel ready for whatever life throws at you. However, there are those occasions you need to look your best and a basic outfit won’t do. For those times you need to have a sharp suit. Again start by considering your style and find a type of suit that you will want to wear. There are many options out there and to find the perfect cut, you should consider buying custom suits. A suit that will make you look good if fitted perfectly to your body shape and size, it flatters and hides what needs to be hidden. Custom suits are sewed to you specifically and you can make all the demands you want to make, making sure you’ll feel and look good wearing them.

Look down


The nicest, best fitted, custom suit won’t make a difference to your style if you are wearing the wrong shoes. The key to mastering shoe styles is, just like with everything so far, simplicity. You need something casual and something sharp. Casual shoes can be sneakers, loafers, anything you like and that doesn’t require you to wear a three-piece suit with it. The sharp shoes you choose should be bought with a suit in mind and one pair is usually enough. You will get a lot more wear from your casual shoes. Remember, your shoes should always be clean and well kept.

The devil is in the details

Now that you have your main pieces and have combined them according to your daily responsibilities, there are a few final things to consider. Before you can really call yourself stylish, you should take care of every last detail. Your beard & mustache care must be at the top of its game. Make sure your hair is ready to go. Ditch your old digital watch and replace it with something that shows your style. And finally, for sunny days, have a fine pair of sunglasses on hand.

Peter is a men’s lifestyle writer at Gentleman Zone and The Beard Mag from UK. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


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