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8 Finishing Touches That Every Man Cave Should Have

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Every home should have a man cave - a place where you can escape the stresses of everyday life whilst relaxing in the comfort of your most prized possessions.

Man caves come in all shapes and sizes, but one common trait is that they are tailored to your character. However, we feel that there are a few small touches that every man cave should have, regardless of individual differences in taste.

1. A set of personalised playing cards

You could opt for the more traditional playing cards, but why do that when you can jazz them up and personalise them to exactly the style you love? Personalised playing cards add a whole other dimension to whatever card game you happen to be playing, particularly if they are personalised with pictures from nights out or your favourite family photos. However you choose to personalise your cards, doing so will add another touch of your personality to your man cave.

2. Something to hang on your wall

An empty wall is just plain boring, and in an attempt to prevent your man cave from resembling a prison cell, we recommend that you add a few finishing touches to your walls. If you’re living with a spouse or a partner, we recommend hanging a few pictures of the two of you together on the wall (trust us, this will be noticed and your other half will appreciate it). However, once the family photos are up, you can then free to decorate your wall with as many framed pictures of Albert Einstein riding a bicycle as you wish.

3. A dart board

...complete with a set of personalised darts, so you know who to blame if/when they ever go missing. A dart board is a must-have in a man cave, as it’s one of the few games that is equally as fun to play alone as well as with friends. When purchasing a dart board, try and find one with a surround, or else your walls will forever be filled with holes!

4. A table that’s suitable for a game of beer pong

On those occasions when your man cave is the chosen location for a boy’s night in, you’ll need a beer pong table to ensure that your guests are always entertained. Available in a range of sizes, you will undoubtedly find a beer pong table to suit both your style and your abilities (no one likes to lose in their own home). As with the dart board, you can also purchase a set of personalised beer pong cups to match your new beer pong table, creating the most epic tournament space possible.

5. A bottle of your favourite tipple

Sitting in your man cave can be immensely relaxing. However, it can also be extremely stressful when you find out that you’re devoid of your favourite drink and you have to decide whether you can drag yourself to the nearest shop, or whether you’ll have to accept a beverage-less stay in your cave. One way of avoiding this is to ensure you always have a bottle of your favourite drink faithfully awaiting you in your man cave.   

6. A clock

But time stands still when you’re in a man cave right? Unfortunately, this is not the case, unless you remove the batteries from the clock, in which case time will indeed stand still for you. However, if you want to ensure that you don’t spend a few too many hours locked away in your man cave, we advise you purchase a clock to hang on your wall. This way you can keep track of how much time you’re spending in your male-focused haven, and at what time you should return back to your loved ones.

7. A rug that is fit to be your man cave floor centrepiece

Man caves can feel a little cold if you don’t include a few softer touches, and what better way to soften the design than a rug? This doesn’t have to be the fluffy, colourful rug that you have laying in the living room. Instead, this rug can be tailored to the things you love, such as your favourite sports team or your favourite character in a movie, adding yet another personal touch to your man cave.

8. A mini fridge… trust us on this one

The final, and yet arguably most important finishing touch on our list - the mini fridge. The mini fridge is there to avoid you having to suffer through lukewarm beers, and after a long hard day at work, this is an incredibly important thing to avoid. The mini fridge also allows you to hide a few treats from your other half!

 For more man cave ideas on how to add fantastic finishing touches to your cave, visit Man Cave Ideas to inspire you and help you create the perfect space just for you.

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