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The essential elements of a mancave

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Boost up the testosterone level with these man cave essentials


A man cave is designed with one thing in mind, manliness. You have to have a spot that you can relax in as well as play with your buddies. Sure, you could just push back the sofa and try to catch the game in the living room, but it is just not the same. You need a space that is set apart, a place to call your own. To help you get started we have made a list of the top 7 things essential to every great mancave.


Number One: Have a Killer Television with Surround Sound

Let’s face it. Most of the time that we spend in the cave will be watching sports or playing video games (if you are into video games). Therefore, it is the number one element of your mancave. Personally, I think anything under a 42 inch flat screen TV is not worth the investment. Why? Well, you want to see the game and not have to all huddle around a screen trying to figure out the details.


Number Two: Get some comfortable furniture

Above all, your furniture needs to be comfortable. A good choice is always leather, which is visually and traditionally oriented towards men. Sure, there are designs and shades that are neutral, but for the most part the blacks, browns, and dark reds work the best. If you have a specific theme to your cave, these base colors generally go well with most man cave themes. On a side note, leather is easier to clean an doesn't absorb stains in the same way as cloth furniture does.



Number Three: Cover the walls

Your man cave should reflect your interests. If you have a particular sports team that you love, have memorabilia on the walls, hunters can have trophies and mounts on the walls. I personally like vintage plates and movie memorabilia, so my cave is peppered with old metal signs and movie posters. But what you put on your wall is up to you, its is after all your personal get away place. Another cool idea is to plaster your walls with technical drawings of awesome toys or gadgets, or other humorous manly prints. One of our personal favorites is the "Man punching bear print", After all, what is more manly than a guy laying out a 1500 pound Grizzly Bear with a haymaker?



Number Four: Don't forget the floor

It does no good to spend all the time on the walls and the furniture if the floor makes the whole thing look cheap. Even if you have a nice hardwood  or polished concrete, you can always top it off with a Team Rug from your favorite NHL or NFL team.


Number Five: Have a bar in which to eat at

When you hear the word bar, a lot of us think about alcohol. Sure, you need space for your brews and spirits, but its also a good idea to make sure you have room for your game day snacks. Your mancave bar should have enough space to prep snacks or meals, as well as amaze your friends with your drink mixology skills. A mini fridge or kegerator always helps as well.


Number Six: Have a gaming system

A gaming system is critical to a successful mancave. Even if you don't play video games, the odds are that one of your buddies does. Make sure you stock your game supply with a wide selection of games. Some of your buddies will like  "Call of Duty" or “Need for Speed”, while others will prefer "Madden NFL”.


Number Seven: Make your own stuff for your mancave

If you want to set your mancave apart from everyone else, then you gotta have something unique. True, you can just find something odd and put it into the cave, but doing so is just a temporary fix. It will eventually lose its luster. If you're a handy guy, you can always create something for your mancave (say an entertainment system or a side table) and make it a truly personal space. You'll earn bragging rights with your masterpiece, and it will become a focal point for your cave. At we encourage cave owners to get creative, and along these lines we have created a number of Pintrest pages with awesome mancave projects you can put your mind to if you're a handy kind of guy. We also have other pages as well, devoted to awesome mancave decor, manly gadgets, cool mancave lighting, and ideas for your manyard.



 Your cave is your spot, personalize it with something unique. Collect the memorabilia to your interests, have furniture which is both comfortable and practical, and entertainment which can be enjoyed by everyone.

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