Man cave decor and gifts for men
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Using Pinterest for inspiration when decorating the Mancave

Pinterest is a platform where people discern fresh, new ideas and gain inspirations to do the things they love. Pins are ideas that aid you in trying something new and creative whether you are hunting for home improvement tips or some inspirations to decorate your man cave. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites.

A man cave is a man’s personal space. It is a room inside a house like a garage, a basement, office or any special space out of the house like the tool room or the woodshed. Man cave servers a multitude of purposes, it is the space where a man spends his alone time, hangs out with his male friends, watches matches, plays video games and indulges in hobbies. Man caves are normally equipped with refrigerators, giant TV’s, vending machines, a bar, wooden floors, amplifiers and pool tables.

A simple search for a mancave on Pinterest can inspire you with thousands of ideas to decorate it. All the good things people are discerning are saved on right now. Pinterest provides a great insight and inspiration on a lot of fun, creative and exciting ideas about decorating a man cave. A few of them are listed below.


Recliner massage chairs can be counted as the No.1 requirements in the big list of the must haves for a man cave since a man cave might be employed for nothing else but just to relax. Nothing can equate the pleasure you derive from a good massage after a hard day’s work. A recliner massage chair allows you to just sit back, relax and unwind while you listen to some soft music in your man cave. A man cave is incomplete without a man chair, it’s a chair that you so look forward to crashing on, even after a whole days sitting. These recliners mostly come with remotes allowing you to customize your massages just the way you want it. A recliner massage chair is one universal must have for all man caves.


While we discuss the man cave essentials, a huge flat TV is a must because you don’t want to strain your eyes on the smaller ones and you so long something large and vibrant. A contemporary mancave demands a top of the line TV. The larger the TV, the better it is. Men often indulge in creating the best atmosphere to watch the big sports events. The smart operations of these high-end TVs allow you to control various devices using the magic remote and also provide easily sharable smaller screens on TVs.

Creating a man cave is the biggest moments in a man’s life. It’s a man heaven to watch games on a big screen. Men need entertainment and food. A giant TV is a great way to satiate your entertainment needs.


A giant TV only satiates half of a man’s entertainment needs. A great surround system will fill your mancave with clear audio. If explosions of the surround sound system are not creating a race in your heartbeat or aren’t shaking the walls of your cave then your man cave is not manly enough. You can choose between 7.1, 6.1 and a 5.1 surround sound. The difference is in the angles and the number of speakers. Whichever surround system you choose your favorite game will come alive like never before.


Pinterest provides endless ideas to light-up your man cave. Your man cave being the testosterone heaven for you and a retreat for your buddies is a qualified place to watch all sorts of events or just to have a bonding time. Some good light fixtures can transform your man cave from a mediocre one to the envy of your inner circle. You can even give a try to some creative lamps. Adding dimmable lights and dimmers gives you the freedom to switch from movie theater lighting to sports bar lighting.


All though your man cave doesn’t accommodate wall space to install a wet bar, there are a number of portable bar options that stand out. Portable bars are flexible and small enough to fit into any corner or space of a room. Stock your bar with the essentials like glassware, high-end liquor bottles, stirrers, strainers and cocktail shakers. A wet bar is the water cooler of a man cave.

While you are all equipped with your wet bar, the next essential is a refrigerator to store your extra beer. A small beer fridge is one of the easiest add-ons to your man cave. A kegerator is an alternative for a beer fridge, which yields a fresher taste. The top of the kegerator is adorned by a tap to dispense the brew. You can choose from a variety of options that fit right into your budget.


A dart board is a great way to add entertainment to your mancave without eating up any space. You can have a dart board hid within a decorated wood cabinet. Ensure to get the cabinet with a built-in chalkboard to record scores to make it a little more interesting. While you aren’t engaged with anything on the big screen and are eager to entertain your male friends, a pool table is a sure bet. A pool table eats up a lot of your floor space but if you have all the space you need to equip a pool table, then it is a must. Pool tables are not just fun to play but they also enhance your décor even while you do not use them.


You can go bold while you decorate a man cave. The walls are one of the ways that give character to your man cave. You can cover them with wood or texture, add a fun color or just decorate them with some artwork, collectibles or posters. The earth tones and textured walls give the man’s space a cozy and a warm feel. You could be a diehard cricket fan, a movie buff or someone who loves fine art. Allow your walls speak your personality employing posters of your favorite cricketer, a musician, a movie star or a video game. You can also own a shadowbox showing off your favorite team’s jersey. The trick is not to overcrowd your walls, because you will then be risking the aesthetics of your man cave. Just pick a handful of art pieces or posters that provide the finishing touches to your private heaven.


Personal spaces are very important regardless of your marital status. A man cave gives you the freedom to express yourself. It bestows you with that special space where you can enjoy your favorite matches with friends, play a table of pool, or just enjoy that alone time while you yearn to unwind and relax. Given that Pinterest is a worldwide phenomenon which is still being unearthed by fresh users. It has come a long way which makes it even more exciting while trying to anticipate its growth in the future!

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