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Man That Cave: the place for interesting and informative man cave advice

mancave mancave bar mancave classic mancave essentials mancave garage mancaveideas is a relatively new web site, looking to cater to those rugged individuals that have an interest in developing their own perfect personal space, the Man Cave. We believe that the eclectic tastes of the modern man should be celebrated, not apologized for.

Coming up in the near future, Man Cave Ideas will be creating a number of interesting and informative blog posts to help you with setting up and enhancing your private man lair. But if you're hungry RIGHT NOW for useful tips and advice on getting your man cave going, we suggest that you head on over to and have a look at some of their posts. We recently had a chance to chat with Vince, the owner of Man That Cave, who has been hard at work crafting some very interesting and informative man cave related articles. Vince's wide range of posts give the reader useful information on how to plan, furnish, and accessorize your man cave.

If you're just starting out with your man lair, for example, its very tempting to just jump in and start building. As men of action, this is our first instinct; but it really is a good idea to put pen to paper and plan things out first. Vince's article about converting your garage to a man cave, "Your Man Cave Garage - A Step by Step Conversion Guide", for example, is a useful starting point and is helpful in establishing a plan for the cave before doing any physical work.

Once your cave is under way, have a look at the post on "Ultimate Man Cave Resources: Make Your Man Cave Awesome". In this post, Vince reviewed a number of sites and explains what they offer to the man cave enthusiast. He also showcases some of the cooler items that can be found on each site, which helps the reader to find that perfect item or accessory for their cave.

And what's a cave without a bar? Vince's interesting article "Designing your man cave bar" should really be read side by side with his post on personalized bar ware, "Take a Swig: Man Cave Beer Mugs and Drink Gear" which showcases a number of cool products for your bar that you can add the personal touch to.

By far, though, our personal favorite is Vince's infographic, "The Man Cave Essentials: Everything you could want in your mancave". This great graphic is destined to become a man cave classic. It visually takes the reader through all the essential elements of the man cave - starting (of course) with the TV and entertainment center, followed by your all-important sitting and napping options. Next comes the bar, food, and booze considerations. Once your physical needs are met, the reader can ponder the need for awesome cave paraphernalia and sports equipment (and the optional workout). And last, but certainly not least, Vince talks about "other cool stuff" - which are those final items and details that each man adds to his cave to make it a truly personal space.

So we hope that you get a chance to have a look at many of Vince's posts - he's got some great man cave and gift ideas over there at We at looks forward to working closely with him in the future to bring everyone some cool ideas and products to make the man lair the best it can be.

At we are constantly expanding our product line to meet the interests of other manly men. We appreciate your feedback about our site and would love to hear your suggestions through our Contact Us page as to what kind of products you would like to see featured.

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