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Must-Haves for the Perfect Man Cave Shed Game Room Experience

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Up Your "Game" with a Man Cave Game Room Shed

Out of all the man cave ideas you’ve heard of, a man cave shed has to be the cream of the crop.

You’re removing yourself from the physical space of your house to truly escape, even if only in the comfort of your backyard.

This space is all yours, and for those of you gentlemen coveting a man cave game room to have an adult "play room," we want you to create the gaming kingdom of your dreams.

Your man cave shed game room would be incomplete without these creative must-have elements.

Go Big or Go Home - Roomy Man Cave Games

Hobbies and games take up space; we get that. But, the enjoyment you feel could make a game's large investment and size worth it.

You could add one of these man cave ideas to your space:

  • Pool Table
  • Cards Table
  • Pinball Machine
  • Dart Board

OR, you could show off your man-card and do some creative research to really wow your buds.

Some unique man cave games you could add to your escape shed or garage could be:

  • A pool table and ping-pong board in one. If you have to have the pool table (we get it) then why not utilize the space by getting one that includes a board for ping-pong. You could also use it as a table when it’s not in use. Could you pass me a slice of pizza?
  • An air hockey table. They make some pretty compact air hockey tables nowadays, and it’s something you really don’t see a lot in game rooms so your space will be the rare spot to play.
  • A portable golf game. You could get a small piece of green to putt with friends, or you could invest in a unique piece like the Puttskee, which combines golfing and skee ball by hitting your ball into holes with a point system. Chances are, your boys haven't seen this game before!
  • A shuffleboard table. It's rare to find one of these tables out and about, so if your storage shed has the space for one (they’re approximately 22 feet), this is a clever and unique man cave idea. Some High Barn sheds like this one from Dakota Storage can have up to 40 feet to work with, leaving room on both ends to get into perfect shufflin’ position. Custom shuffleboard tables can fit into corners now too!

Mancave Shuffle Board

Don’t have the space in your shed or garage for bulky pieces like those?

Small But Mighty - Compact Man Cave Games

Some small man cave ideas could be to get:

  • A basketball hoop. Even if you don’t use a real basketball, it’s fun to toss a foam ball while catching up with the bros.
  • A guitar mount. Having a mount for you guitar puts it in easy access to grab and start strumming. Hell, if music's your thing, add some bongos around for spontaneous jam sessions.
  • Goofy card games. Keep some bold board games to get the boys laughing over some drinks. Some funny games include What the Meme, and, if you really want to stick with your man cave decor, The Man Game has interactive competitions with knot tying, football flicking, and more masculine shenanigans.
  • Brainy games. We know that you don't always want to be solving puzzles, but it might be a good idea to add a basket of your favorite brain twisters next to your furniture. As you and the guys are lounging, it could be stimulating to pick up a Rubik's cube or a metal wire puzzle and fiddle with it while watching the game.

Man Cave Video Game Station

You could join the crowd by making your man cave escape include comfy chairs, a popcorn machine and surround-sound for an epic movie-watching experience, or you could use that space for more gaming.

That’s what we call really sticking to the theme of the perfect man cave game room! Some ways to show off your inner gamer in your man shed include:

Man Cave shelving
  • Project it. If you don’t want to spend extra cash on a huge television, project your image on a screen for a better big-screen experience.
  • Take the game off the screen. To really get into your gaming zone, add surround sound speakers or perhaps bring in some man cave decor themed seating around your favorite game like chairs made to look like Mario Carts or Pokeball shaped bean bags. This is where you can add your personal touch.

Man Cave Game Room Goals

Have some great ideas or even pictures of your man cave game rooms or man cave shed spaces that you created yourself? Please be sure to share them in the comments below!

Guest Author: Jennifer Villa, Invoq Marketing


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