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The Essential Dos and Don’ts of Maintaining Your Man Cave

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Think your man cave is missing that extra something to make it truly awesome? Follow these tips to ensure your personal space is somewhere you never want to leave. So, you've dedicated some square footage in your home to the man cave of your dreams. You've set aside time and hard-earned money for putting your own living space together, and have a few ideas of what to add to your place of manliness. What if it doesn’t live up to your expectations? Maybe you've already been occupying your man cave for a while, but it just lacks that special something...

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8 Finishing Touches That Every Man Cave Should Have

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Every home should have a man cave - a place where you can escape the stresses of everyday life whilst relaxing in the comfort of your most prized possessions. Man caves come in all shapes and sizes, but one common trait is that they are tailored to your character. However, we feel that there are a few small touches that every man cave should have, regardless of individual differences in taste. 1. A set of personalised playing cards You could opt for the more traditional playing cards, but why do that when you can jazz them up and personalise them...

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11 Awesome Gifts for Dad That You’ve Never Thought of Before

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Father’s Day, Christmas, and birthdays often come with a struggle to find the best gifts for your dad. There are some awesome gifts out there which you’ve never thought of before, here we will share those great ideas with you! Books, DVDs, a snazzy new razor, or a new tie can be nice gifts for dad but you don’t want just a nice gift. You want an awesome gift! Surprise him with something you (or he), would never have thought of before! Over $13 billion is estimated to be spent on Father’s Day gifts, showing that we do love to...

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The essential elements of a mancave

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Boost up the testosterone level with these man cave essentials   A man cave is designed with one thing in mind, manliness. You have to have a spot that you can relax in as well as play with your buddies. Sure, you could just push back the sofa and try to catch the game in the living room, but it is just not the same. You need a space that is set apart, a place to call your own. To help you get started we have made a list of the top 7 things essential to every great mancave.  ...

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Man That Cave: the place for interesting and informative man cave advice

mancave mancave bar mancave classic mancave essentials mancave garage mancaveideas is a relatively new web site, looking to cater to those rugged individuals that have an interest in developing their own perfect personal space, the Man Cave. We believe that the eclectic tastes of the modern man should be celebrated, not apologized for. Coming up in the near future, Man Cave Ideas will be creating a number of interesting and informative blog posts to help you with setting up and enhancing your private man lair. But if you're hungry RIGHT NOW for useful tips and advice on getting your man cave going, we suggest that you head on over...

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