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Top Tips for Creating a Jaw-dropping Man Cave

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Men matter too, you know. Although we’re collectively led to believe men don’t really need such places and that they are easy to please, the reality is a bit different: just like women, men too need their own place of chill and comfort, and it’s time they finally get it.

To all the men who have decided to take the power back and find their own space of thrill, chill and enjoyment, here are a few valuable tips to follow and create a jaw-dropping man cave both your friends and the ladies will totally adore.

Don’t be afraid to show off your tastes

No matter how horrible your tastes are (and we’re using the term “horrible” very loosely here), don’t shy away from embracing it. Your space is your own oasis and compromising the style you like is not up for debate. Taking a few cool suggestions from your girlfriend, mom, friends, a designer, etc. into consideration goes a long way, but do remember that you’ve got the final word. Obviously, we’ll never recommend turning your space into a land field of every possible style, material, and vibe: to keep things cohesive, the best thing to do is choose a style and stick to it. That way you’ll best communicate your likes and still keep things looking super.

Let those games win

Man Cave Games

Whether we’re talking about bragging about a super cool pool table on display, a darts board, an Xbox, a poker table, your own creative studio or whatever it is that you enjoy most, don’t hold back in displaying all of it. Your man cave is the space that’s supposed to make you feel great, empowered and super happy, so – embrace the games that encourage that feeling and roll on! Bonus points? You’ll have people over to jam – everyone loves an awesome entertainment home centre.

Make things comfortable

Man Cave Ideas - Make Things Comfortable

No man cave should feature uncomfortable furniture, ever – especially because you want this place to be comfy - not only for you, but for your friends and the ladies who visit. Comfort is half the job done so, in choosing your furniture, make sure your mattress is top-notch, the chairs are comfy, and the sofa bed has enough space for everyone to sit.

Big and comfy designer lounges are perfect for man caves as they are spacious, modern, and super stylish. They come in a variety of materials too, so you can pick one that agrees with your man cave style best. For the best vibes, make sure the lightning is properly optimized; include dimmers, lamps, and other ambiance lightning to add style and charm to your space.

Keep things tidy

The fact you are creating your man cave doesn’t mean you should live in a pigsty; sure, a few dirty socks thrown around are fine, but to get the best out of your space is to keep it clean and tidy as much as possible. The cleaner the place, the more attractive it’ll look and the happier it’ll make you feel. After your friends are gone, put all the empty beer bottles and snack bags in the trash immediately, wind the space out, and wash the dishes (or at least put them in the sink). Yes, it will take an additional 15 minutes of your day but… don’t you want your awesome space to stay looking cool? Sure you do.

Create your own work space

Man Cave Ideas - Create your own work space

No matter how big or small your man cave, it deserves a space dedicated to your work. Every self-respecting man values his profession and, no matter how office-related his profession, he likes to have some of his work close to home – even if that’d be just a stylish desk, a laptop, a few folders and a lamp. If you’ve got an open space, divide it with furniture to create separate, smaller spaces. For instance, rely on your angular lounge to create a living-room area; use a desk facing the living-room to create an office; make use of tall shelves to separate the game room from the rest of the space, etc. It can all be manipulated well if you give it a chance.

Watch that movie, already

Nothing screams a man cave like a cinema-like area, does it? A huge wall TV and home theater seating with cup holders are everything, and you can budget this – do it! Creating this ambiance will turn your space into a phenomenal room, letting you enjoy your movies, whether alone or with company. Put up a few movie posters around and voila! There you have it – our vision of an awesome man-cave. Oh, and - we didn’t go and mention installing bars, sports memorabilia, and similar stuff because those things are a matter of personal tastes, really. Enjoy your man caves, fellas!

Bio: Cooper Klein is an entrepreneur with a degree in Marketing, based in Sydney. He’s interested in business and home decor. In order to spend more time with his family, Cooper decided to take a break, and he’s currently working from home as a blogger for SmoothDecorator. You can find him on Twitter.

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