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Guest Posts Welcome

Want to write a guest post on ManCaveIdeas? is interested in receiving quality guest posts from experienced authors. In particular, we are interested in posts from interior decorators, contractors, or other trades people that have an interest in sharing their expertise in short, step by step instructional posts.

Topics should be related to decorating tips for games rooms, mancaves, garages, and other manly domains. 

We want our readers to get inspired by these posts to go out, buy some material, and start sprucing up their man caves.

Post topic examples:

  • How to make your own mancave sign from common materials;
  • How to reuse pallet material to make cool mancave siding;
  • How to make and upholster your own mancave lounger;
  • How to make your mancave bathroom more manly;
  • How to take a crappy old 1970s entertainment unit and add some cool molding, refinish it, and make it into a cool and modern unit for the cave.

Courtesy of gratisographyThese are only a few ideas, we'd be happy to talk over any other ideas you may have. The focus should be providing ideas and letting readers follow projects through simple step-by-step instructions. The posts should be geared toward an audience with a basic to moderate knowledge of DIY.
Guest Post Guidelines

  • The post should have an informal, friendly tone, yet still provide useful information;
  • Minimum 500 to 1000 words;
  • The content must be unique;
  • Include a minimum of four external links (affiliate links will not be permitted);
  • Contain two internal links to articles or products on our site;
  • A minimum of two images, credited appropriately;
  • Include a brief bio and link to your social media page or website;

Before writing any posts please contact us at to discuss your post ideas. We may ask you to incorporate one or two keywords in your narrative to make it more SEO friendly.

Please note that we reserve the right to remove or modify any of these posts at any time, without notice to you. 

If you're still interested in contributing to the blog, then please contact us at